Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get"! ~Forest Gump

But, Hot Damn, I got me another award, thanks to my bloggy buddy Ashley over at 30IsTheNew20Something.

Ashley's blog is absolutely darling, just like her!! This is what she said about me; "Sassy Chica, is all things Fabulous!!! I love her sassiness and just the way she is able to catch her audience in her post is amazing! Thank you for all your uplifting and inspiring post!" THANK YOU ASHLEY for following and for this FABULOUS award

Ashley blogs about her journey through random thoughts and experiences in this next phase of her life. I love her writing style and think you should click on ova there and check her out!! she is my beauty of an award!!! Isn't she FABULOUS!! I HEART HER!
The rules for this award are very simple...see for yourself
1. Post award on your blog, thank the person who awarded you and link back to their blog.
2. Pass the award to 15 newly found or favorite blogs you feel are worthy of the Best Blog Title.
(be sure to let the awarded blogger know you have awarded them this lovely honor)
Ahem....So with out further adieu and in no particular order, I pass this FABULOUS BEST BLOG AWARD to...some new and old bloggy buddies who have AMAZING BLOGS; love ya all:
Enjoy this fabulous Thrusday, afterall it is the new FRIDAY!!
Sassy Chica

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Hello Beautiful...
I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Wednesday; whether there is rain or shine, this day is gorgeous because we are alive!! You hear that...WE ARE ALIVE, so shake your tail feather!!!!

I have some great news, I finally made my initial goal of 25by35(to lose 25lbs by the time I was 35). This suddenly happen while I was away in Vegas and needless to say I feel fabulous! I have tried for years to lose weight and the initial 5 pounds would come off, but slowly I would gain them back. This time I am going at my own pace and am committed to eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising. My drink consumption, well that is still a work in progress!
let me tell you how I found my new mind set.....I was minding my own business one day, running my course in life, when I remembered the fabulous quote(posted above) and thought to myself, yea....being happy is about looking beyond the imperfections, being grateful for what we do have and not dwelling on what we don't!!!
So here is today's inspiration, to all my Sassy readers:
And remember "Nothing is more Sexy than Self Confidence, believe it, own it, work it, love it"!!

The weight loss is not over, next week we will set our next goal, this week we will enjoy!! How are you doing on your journey and what motivates you to look past the imperfections???
Sassy Chica

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Am So Blogging This...

This T-shirt says it all!!! I recently bought myself a darling little pink leather diary, to carry in my purse, so I can take notes on all the crazy happenings, mishaps, and fiasco's of my life; I needed a way to keep accurate details on what "I am so blogging about"!

Come on, all you bloggers out there, you know exactly what I am talking about; you are engaged in a conversation and mid way thru, you think to yourself "I am so blogging this". Or your neighbor invites you over for coffee and you see, she has a stripper pole in her dining room and you make a mental note "I am so blogging this". You are having an amazing time at a party or you see the most ridiculous occurrence and you think to yourself, "I am so blogging this"!!

I must say that I should have started this diary sooner since some of the craziest stuff happens to me, both good and bad. Like SITScation 2009, in Saucy Las Vegas. What a Fabulous weekend full of good times and gorgeous people. The swag bag we received was amazing; filled with all kinds of goodies, one of which to my surprise vibrated...bow-ckika-bow-wow, hot stuff coming thru!!

~I was tempted to stop this post here....but for the enquiring minds who wanted to know about day 2 & 3, this part is for you:

Small recap from day one, Day two, was the conference and it was amazing, some of the coolest icons of the blogosphere spoke; However, mid-way through the conference this party girl was not feeling so hot, my saving grace was a gourmet lunch I downed 3cups of coffee and perked right back up! Hot Damn, this Chica was ready for the rest of the day!!

After the conference I had dinner with five fabulous bloggers; we exchanged secrets, did a little shopping, gambled and retreated back to that cozy Cantina, I so loved. Most had early flights and called it a night early; I headed to the casino bar, met an amazingly beautiful Native American Woman. We became BFF's and had a blast (we also scored a few free drinks)!!!

By day three, I was spent, mentally and physically...I now understand why they call Vegas a two day town!!! The hightlight was Sunday Night Football in the Casino. It was intense...imagine watching all these jumbo screens; the excitement, the lights, the energy was raw and exhilarating! The Chicago Bears lost their game that night, shortly thereafter I went back to my room to get some much needed sleep.

On day four, I made it to the airport by 4:30am, trying to get on the priority stand by list, for the 6:30am flight to Chicago. I was determined to get home and I did!

Well, Sassy readers, there you have it the saucy dish from Vegas, I only left a few parts out to protect the innocent(you understand don't you?). So where to next, I am so ready to take another trip, for the most part, I had an amazing time, however with my loved one ill a part of me felt a void, so I think I need a DO-OVER...who's coming with me???

Sassy Chica

Monday, October 26, 2009

October Where Did You Go

O.M.G, I can not believe that we are in the final week of October....Oh, Darling October where did you go??? This month will truly be one to remember with all it's chaos, excitement, good times, sad times, travel and nonsense.

I want to thank all you Sassy readers for your loving support over this past month, my loved one passed away and all arrangements and services are now complete. Thank you for your kind words and understanding of my absence from my blog, I think I lost a follower:( .

Moving forward, lets talk about VEGAS!!! I know you are all itching to get the saucy, steamy, juicy details and I will try not to disappoint. The SITStah's at TheSecretsInTheSauce know how to plan a party! SITScation 2009 was a blast, to say the least!!! They hooked it up at the Luxurious Venetian Hotel and Casino, this is a picture of my room and the bathroom, well let's just say it was nothing short of FABULOUS!! (just between you and I; even though this room was delish, I was not in it very much).

Hot Damn, I met some of the most Fabulous, Amazingly Gorgeous Bloggers, like Alicia from ItAintEasyBeingCheesy, I swear she is my soul sista, she is AWESOME and FABULOUS....we even share the same birthday!! I also met and rubbed elbows with LaJollaMom, what a classy and sassy lady, we partied till the break of dawn! Rachel from SippyCupChardonnay, knocked my socks off with her charming and witty personality, as well as her Gorgeous looks. I soo have a girl crush on all these fabulous bloggers and so many more!!!! Now let's get to the juice.......

I arrived in Vegas Friday morning, did a little exploring/shopping in the hotel, which was gigantic and loaded with high-end stores, eateries, bars and gambling(which spells trouble for this chica)...I needed a rest from shopping and to quench my thirst so I found this darling little Cantina (Mexican Bar) with great Latin music.

A little while after taking a seat at the bar, a good looking, well groomed gentleman sat next to me. We small talked for a bit, he said he was the CEO of XYZ and gave me his business card (self boasting does nothing for me). A little while later (as I am minding my own business, watching the baseball game) he leans over, compliments me on my beauty and boldly proposes marriage...TRUE STORY. I was taken back and sarcastically said, Wow, now that's one hell of a pick up line; however I must decline. The rock on my finger signifies I am already married! He asked for my number, I deny but stay cordial and then as though the universe saved me, his employees show up to pick him up for dinner. All this and I had only been in Vegas for a few hours...can't wait to see what else happens!

Early that evening was the SITScation opening meeting (a meet and greet), it is there I made friends with La Jolla Mom and some other fabulous Chica's, we were then sent on our way for dinner, to return later for the SITScation Celebration. I took a group of sassy chica's back to the same cantina(for the music of course), we had a light dinner and a few more drinks. Then it was time for the big party, which was a blast, these Chica's know how to get down!

After the party, we made our way to the "Kim Kardashian Birthday Bash at Tao Night Club". I scored some VIP hotel guest tickets earlier that day and like I always say "If it's Free, it's for Me". The party was crazy, we only stood in line for all of maybe 15minutes, then we were ushered up 4or more flights of stairs ended up on the rooftop, then made our way down to the first floor, yea can you say totally overrated and overcrowded! It took us longer to get to the first floor from the rooftop then it did to get into the party! The place was bumpin with great music and gorgeous people, hot stuff coming thru, from every direction...all kinds of Boobs and Butts hanging out, we partied like Rock Stars, until the break of dawn! Here is a pic, I am not paparazzi, nor do I get a thrill seeing famous people, however I do get a kick out of scoring VIP tickets and Free Drinks!Okay, this post has already gone on way too long, so the rest of what happened in Vegas, will stay in VEGAS to protect the innocent! Okay maybe I will post the juice from day two and three tomorrow...only if your interested. The Conference was well worth it, I recommend attending next year, I am already marking my calendar for it!

Sometime this week, I will also catch you up on this Hottie Tottie Halloweenie Party I was at this weekend, it was insane!!! Since turning 35, I feel alive and this Chica has Arrived...let the good times roll!

Sassy Chica

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have A Lovely Day

I am wishing you all a lovely day, from start to finish! Remember it's the little things that make all the difference. Be kind to someone today and remind those around you that you love them and just how much they mean to you!
Something to ponder.....

Sassy Chica

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home At Last

HELLO LOVAH, Oh how I missed you!! I am Home at last from Saucy LAS VEGAS, had a blast, with some FABULOUS, SASSY blogging CHICA'S, until my heart was broken, when I received a phone call a little after 2A.M on Monday Morning, telling me that GOD had called my Uncle/Mentor/Friend(my loved one), home to rest! It is for the best, for he no longer suffers. This wonderful man had an amazing and tender soul. I will forever be grateful to him, for teaching me how to love and be loved! My heart goes out to all who loved him, you know who you are(he made sure of that)!!!

LAS VEGAS, was fabulous, I met some of the most amazing women, seriously amazing! For me to say I had a good time, well that just does not do it justice!! I now know why they call it "SinCity" and if you have ever traveled there, I am sure you do too...HOT DAMN, VEGAS is smok'en! I have often heard "What happens in VEGAS, stays in VEGAS"; unless you are a blogger, then "What happens in VEGAS, ends up the blog".

Just as soon as I can pull my thoughts together, I promise to bring you the saucy secrets of my trip, but for starters here are a few to wet your whistle....

  • I rubbed elbows with some fabulous Icons of Blogging
  • Slept minimal, to make the most of my time(of course)
  • Was proposed marriage to on my first night(by a total stranger)
  • Attended Kim Kardashians Birthday Bash

I will promise to give all the details, but for now I want to hear all about you, how are you doing and how was your weekend...fill me in on all I missed!



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making My List

Hello GORGEOUS!!! The excitement is building by the minute, why you this time tomorrow I will be basking in the sun in SIN CITY!!!

The weather forecast for this weekend is Sunny and high 80's/low 90's. Beats the weather here in Chicago cold and rainy. I feel as though I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. I am usually on the ball with my lists ready to go and ahead of that game, except that I am on the late freight, but not by choice. Since my loved one is home on hospice I wanted to assure he was stable before proceeding with my trip.

For those of you who may be new to my blog, WELCOME...I am so glad you have stopped by to visit! My much anticipated trip is planned for SITScation 2009 in Saucy Las Vegas. I will be sure to report back with all the saucy secrets and juice!! I was hesitant at first when I arranged this trip, since I would be traveling alone, however I got over that very quickly, since I will be meeting many fabulous bloggers and staying in the city that never sleeps. Hot Damn...I can't wait!!

But before I get too excited, here I am the day before departure and making my TO-DO list and checking it twice, I seem to have packed much more clothes than I could possibly wear in four days...this Chica just wants to be prepared(for anything)!

If life is not crazy enough, let me share my latest fiasco...I can not find my heel. Notice I did not say heels...a few weeks ago I wore a gorgeous pair of heels to a wedding. I remember putting them in a bag at the hotel and making sure both were in there the next morning(I think). I went to fetch my shoes to pack them for my trip and only one heel was in the bag, awe, crap!! These shoes are not only fabulous, but they are all nighters (the perfect fitting heel that you can wear all night). I planned most of my outfits around these heels since they matched just about everything and are versatile, I must now run out and buy another pair of heels, I sure do hope on limited time I can find a pair that is fabulous and comfortable!

Wish me luck in VEGAS, I am hoping LADY LUCK shows up and has a cocktail with me, while I am in the casino!! What will you be doing this weekend??

Sassy Chica

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WED Weigh in

Awe's Hump day again!!! I heart Wednesday's...not sure why, but I just do. Or could it be that I have an appreciation for life today, I am so blessed for this day and I will not take it for granted!

I found this fabulous pic to the left just the other day, I was eager to share it with you, since it has been my mantra since I started blogging about my weight.

"NOTHING IS MORE SEXY THAN CONFIDENCE", believe it, work it, own it, love it!!!

Okay so here are this weeks results....again after a crazy weekend, Friday was the hubsters birthday which we had a few friends and cocktails and the rest of the weekend was spent with my loved ones, so needless to say food galore; however I practiced self restraint and reaped the benefits.

Goal: To loose 10lbs in 29days for trip to VEGAS
weight loss this week: 1.5
Ponds left to loose: 3.5
Days till VEGAS: 2days

So I may not make it to my goal, but I sure as hell tried and will make it sooner than later!!!! It's not only about the weight loss, but also the mental and emotional balance of why it is important to take care of one self! So here is a little inspiration for you:
Sassy Chica

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


How would you define beauty, who or what would you define as beautiful???
According to an online dictionary, "BEAUTIFUL" is having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind.

If I was asked to define beauty, I would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder (I know, sounds cliche)! We all see beauty in many different ways, some may only see outer beauty, but those willing to look deep within see so much more. Yes, the outer shell may be magnificent and easy on the eyes; however if the inside does not match the outside can you truly call that beauty?

These past few weeks, being with my ill loved one, I have had time to put into perspective the the word "beautiful". If someone asked me who is the most beautiful I know, I would have to answer my Uncle, whom I adore. He has lived his entire life loving others the way he has wanted to be loved. He is a manly man of men, like John Wayne(his all time favorite movie star), however he was never to manly to openly show his endearing ways and ability to have a tender word for most. This made a great impact on me which was something to admire and more importantly learn from. I now understand a little bit more about myself, why I love to be loved, I seek loving attention and that it is not a weakness to have a tender and sensitive soul. Most importantly I have learned from my loved one that the love you put out into the universe, will come back to you!
So here is my question for you today:
There are no right or wrong answers, as long as you answer from your heart!
Sassy Chica

Monday, October 12, 2009

Manic Monday

Unbelievable, it's Monday already!! I apologize for my absence from blogging. This past week and a half has been a blur. Majority of my time was with my loved ones and let me just say, there is no other place I would have rather been!! My family member was sent home on hospice yesterday and with the Grace of God, we have united as a family to share our services, love and support to him, his wife and children...after all that is what family is for! Thank you to all you fabulous readers who sent me positive energy and well wishes, I sincerely appreciate them all!

Over these past few days, I have had some quiet time to do some thinking...I thought to myself, am I living up to my life's potential, is there more I can be doing or things I have not even attempted to do, so here is my question to you
Sky is the limit for those willing to reach!!

Sassy Chica

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wed Weigh In

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! Before I jump in and tell you about this weeks weigh in, let me give you a little follow up to my weekend.

Friday nights wedding was FABULOUS!!! A great time was had by all! I wore an oh so Sassy dress for the first time in years. I have never been much of a dress wearer, but this time I wore the dress, the dress did not wear me and It felt FABULOUS!!!

Saturday, my siblings and I were given some sad news about an immediate family member who is battling pancreatic cancer. Friday this loved one went in for surgery and it seems that the cancer has spread and there nothing further medically that can be done. So our goal is to keep him as comfortable as possible and pray for him. Shortly after receiving this news my siblings and I were at the hospital with our dear loved one!

Sunday was our Family Funday Sunday and we all had a fabulous time, I love spending time with my family!!! Shortly after the game was over my sister and I made our way back to the hospital where I have been spending and will be spending all of my time, since the circumstances are not yet known and we are taking it "ONE DAY AT A TIME"!!

Here is this weeks weigh in.....
Goal: To loose 10lbs in 29days for trip to VEGAS
weight loss this week: -0.5
Ponds left to loose: 5
Days till VEGAS: 9days

Half a pound, I totally thought I was going to gain since these past few days I have not had the time to work out, I'll take it!!!
How was your weekend??

Friday, October 2, 2009

One Lovely Blog

Hot Damn, I got me another award!!! Imagine me dancing around like the luckiest Chica in the world...that is because I feel lucky! I am so blessed to have FABULOUS readers and followers, THANK YOU ALL! Just when I thought life was serving me up some lemons, I turned around poured me a Lemon SHOT and kept the party going!! I am a true believer that what you put out into the Universe you will get back...

I should have played the lotto this week, Lady luck was on my side, I am the proud recipient of the "One Lovely Blog Award" (4times over) hear that universe, people think my blog is LOVELY! I am so honored to receive this award from some Sassy blogging buddies, who all have Lovely blogs themselves...go on and check'em out:

Flory from AWomansLifeStages

Dawn from LifeOfADomesticDiva

Mesina at AndThenTheirWasMe

Betty from CutAndDry

Many Thanks for this Fabulous and LOVELY BLOG AWARDThe rules to this award are to pass it to 15newly discovered blogs...this I promise to do sometime next week, my plate is a a bit full this weekend with my stepbrothers wedding (today), which I should be already getting dressed for, as well as our FAMILY FUNDAY on Sunday!

I did not want to end this week without saying THANKYOU to all who passed me this lovely award and THANKYOU to all you, who keep me inspired to rant about my VIDA LOCA (crazylife) and things I have learned along the way!

Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY and enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Just the Begining

Happy first day of October!!! There is so much to look forward to this month!

October, is one of my favorite months. Autumn or Fall if you will, marks the transition from summer to winter, I adore the changing colors of nature, the smells and foods of the season, I also love to bask in the essence of cool temperatures, while the sun is warm on your face.

We have an annual tradition (WE: siblings, mother, spouses and children) to visit a local pumpkin patch and enjoy the entire day outdoors! We call it "Family Funday Sunday". We enjoy the carnival rides, foods of Fall and the picking of our Halloween Pumpkins. Since our family funday falls on a Sunday, there is usually a Chicago BEARS Football game on TV, which is a must watch!! So we will meet at noon and watch the game then go to the pumpkin patch or vice versa. Either way it is always a great time and fabulous photo opportunity! This Sunday is our Family Funday and I am so excited.

The family is also celebrating a wedding this weekend, for my stepbrother! I wish them many blessings and a gorgeous sunny Autumn day!!

Yippee, Halloween is in a few short weeks and I am totally stoked about the annual parties we attend. My husband and I do couple themed costumes, one year we were Cleopatra and Cesar(which was fabulous), this year we are thinking...Gomez and Mortisha Addams, from the ADDAMS Family.

Before Halloween is SITScation 2009 in VEGAS, I am on the countdown and looking forward to meeting and rubbing elbows with other bloggers. Sin City, here I come!!

What is your favorite thing(s) about Autumn and have you bought or decided on your Halloween costume???