Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your a Domestic what???

Just about a year ago I lost my sales position due to a halting economy and low sales volume. Somewhere in the mist of feeling overwhelmed by the idea of being unemployed, contemplating what to do next (career wise) and sipping coffee with my neighbors. I knew it was time to re-invent myself.

After diligently researching the Internet and entering my daily duties, this is what I found: Stay at home mom, Homemaker, Housewife, Domestic Goddess and Domestic Engineer.

Bingo, I was now a Domestic Engineer, I created a business plan to effectively and efficiently manage my household. My business plan was named The SassySaver .

When the hubster arrived home from work, he asked the usual, "how was your day"?
My response: I have a new job title, honey.
He has selective hearing and heard "I have a new job".
Hubby: that's great, what is your new job?
Me: Domestic Engineer
I sat him down and explained my new job title and Sassy Saver plan. The look on his face was priceless! I had finally convinced him once and for all I was Crazy!!

Looking back now a year later, losing my job was stressful and embarrassing, but a blessing in disguise! It only took me a short time to realize how hilarious my kids are and that I had lost touch with what I was really working for...my family.

Accepting the position of Domestic Engineer came with a priceless package and unbeatable incentives!! I highly recommend it, to anyone up for a challenge.

Click on this link SassySaver , to view my plan to cut cost.

My Aha Moment

Hilarious, that you can find the definition to just about anything on the Internet. I searched for the meaning, AHA MOMENT and this is what I found: It's a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom.

About a month or so ago...after sending the my family on their way for the day, I began to read my daily fix of blogs (along with my first 3cups of coffee), it was during this quiet time, that I had an 'AHA MOMENT', to write a blog of my own. I often embrace my extroverted personality, not shy to speak my mind or share my views, so why not share them with the world???

I am by no means a professional writer; here is my FOREWARNING to all: please excuse my ill use of the English Language and improper grammar edict.

Shortly after having the epiphany to write a blog, I talked myself right out of it (I can be a bit indecisive). I asked myself, who would want to read the ramblings of a Domestic Engineer, once Sales Warrior?

Over the next few days I non-chalantly surveyed a few family/friends casually asking if they read blogs and what they thought about me writing a blog? It took little to no coaxing for them to convince me to go for it!

I have spent the last few months researching what this blogosphere is all about and in one word, AMAZING! Please bare with me, for I am sure to have plenty of faux pas; however I am confident to be up and running like a fierce competitor in the HighHeel Marathon in no time.

Sassy Chica


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About This Blog

This blog is about a fabulously fierce Domestic Engineer slash Latina Goddess, former Sales Warrior. A reflection of my crazy life and things I've learned along the way.

Pour a drink, pull up a chair and enjoy!!

What is a Sassy Chica?
fabulously fierce woman with a pep in her step; lively and spirited, stylish and saucy.

Where did the name Sassy Chica come from?
Over the past decade I worked in several sales positions, mainly in male dominated companies. I fully embraced surrounding myself with men (daily), regardless how competitive and exhausting it was!

It was during this time that I grew tough skin, balls of steel and always wore my high heels! My male peers thought it would be fun to nickname me. I would have appreciated a cool warrior name like "Zena" or "She-Ra", but no such luck, they chose Sassy Chica and it stuck.

Today those same guys who teased me for being Sassy and a Chica are some of my best friends and professional mentors...thanks Guys, even if at the time I thought you were a bunch of Tools!
About Sassy Chica:
The hubster and I live our version of the American Dream: a house, two kids, a dog and debt...what more can a girl ask for? Except that the dog really isn't ours. Chiquita, pronounced chee-ke-ta (a chihuahua mix) belongs to my mom; we dog sit enough to consider her our dog.

Our kids are my driving force. Diva, our teenage daughter inspires me to be a better person and challenges me to stay sane. While my seven year old son, melts my heart with his charming personality and witty sense of humor.

Still want to know more??

  • Alpha sibling to two sisters and one brother
  • Appreciates shoes, purses, clothes, jewelry, makeup, spa treatments and the color pink
  • Loves to plan and host parties
  • Humbled to see the Love of God in others
  • A Crafty Chica: a real do it yourselfer...if I can do it myself, I will
  • A Sassy Saver, always looking for a deal, sale, or coupon
  • Lives in a fabulous community filled with lively people
  • Loves coffee, cocktails and chocolate
  • I consider myself a good cook, no fatalities yet:)
  • Tango'd with my weight my entire life
  • Surrounds herself with FUNNY and good natured people
  • Likes to play(and win)at: Poker, Texas Hold'em, Bunco and Cornhole/Baggo