Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Monday

Oh Monday, here we are again!! Thanksgiving came and went in a hot second and now we are embarking the Christmas season, but before we get ahead of ourselves, lets bask in this wonderful Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and for those of you Sassy readers who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed your holiday! I was blessed to be surrounded by many loved ones, we had good food, good drinks, good times and made many good memories.

Today is a gorgeous day here in Chicago and I am so grateful...for many different reasons, but first and foremost because I was given the chance to live another day. Life gets crazy and right now my life seems to be in total chaos, however I am determined to be grateful for this day!

When life gets a crazy and I have tough decisions to make, I try to consume myself with good thoughts, positive energy and make my list of ten. These are the first ten then things that come to mind and I am grateful for...this helps me to remember that no matter what life throws at me, there is always something good...the power of positive thinking!! So here it goes...

  1. Grateful to be ALIVE
  2. Grateful for my faith
  3. Grateful for my health
  4. Grateful for my loving family
  5. Grateful to have precious friends
  6. Grateful to have Sassy readers
  7. Grateful for my home
  8. Grateful for home utilities (water, gas, electric) that I so often take for granted
  9. Grateful for the ability to love and be loved
  10. Grateful for Coffee

Make time today to make a list of ten...

Enjoy this fabulous Monday, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised!


Sassy Chica

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Hello my love...oh my how I have missed you! My life has been turned upside down and inside out. Since October things have been extremely hectic and busy. I have missed having time to sit and put my thoughts into words. I have also missed the pleasure of having time to read many of my favorite blogs. For this I am sorry, please know that I will be back soon!

It's finally the day before the Big Gobble, Gobble (Thanksgiving Day), which makes tonight Black out Wednesday, only the biggest party day of the year!!

Almost every bar, pub, club in the area has some sort of specials and activities lined up for tonight. In a neighboring town from where I live, is the annual Turkey Testicle Festival...sounds fun right? Well it is! It takes place in the heart of this small town, a pub puts out many heated tents(which are a must since its cold here in Chicago at this time of year). There is a great line up of live music and here is the kicker..they bread and deep fry turkey testicles, hence the name Turkey Testicle Festival, hot damn just saying it is fun!!!

We have decided this is the place to be this year, so we have rallied up a few friends and are going to head on out to the TTF and make the best of it.

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, we have plans to visit my in laws early in the day and be back for dinner at my sisters later that evening, followed by dessert, cocktails and poker playing!

This Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year...BLACK FRIDAY! I use get up at the crack of dawn or a bit before dawn, and shop with all the other shopping fanatics; however with all the chaos and craziness life has brought my way I think I may sleep in on Friday and let all the others have at it

I wish you and your families a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving...Gobble Gobble!
What do you have planned for the next few days?

Sassy Chica

Monday, November 23, 2009

Smell the Roses

Hot Damn, what a milestone today I take the time to smell the roses!! You see my friends today I celebrate my 100Th post!!! How quick the time has gone; I have shared with you some stories, secrets, gossip and more I sure do hope you have enjoyed it, for the best is yet to come!!!!

I am a ridiculous writer and really can not even call myself a writer, I have poor grammer skills and will make ill use of the English language any chance I get, but my message is solid!
When I started to write this blog, I was so excited and hopeful to have enough to write about, there is so much I am still going to share...time has been a bit limited with all the chaos in my life.

Okay, so lets get to a recap of the weekend....this weekend was fabulous, full of excitement and fun! Friday, I had a few cocktails and relaxing time at home. I made some progress on a steamy romance, I am trying to get through to share a review with you! Saturday I spent some time with a friend and some family. My sister and I went out later that evening with one of our awesome cousins, who is hilarious. This guy has a wonderful, vibrant personality and is so much fun to be around. We whooped it up till the weee hours of the morning and partied like rockstars!!!

Sunday, was a little brutal and I needed to sleep! Except this was not to be, since I had committed to watching my nephews overnight for my sister who was going to the Chicago Bears game. My nephews are awesome and so full of energy, they need constant supervision and are always hungry...boys!
How was your weekend??? Have you taken time to smell the roses?
Sassy Chica

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love At First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is there such a thing, or would it be lust at first sight, can you really fall in love with someone with out knowing anything about them? Have you ever met anyone whom your soul is attracted to, a person in which the force between you is so strong, being apart is agony?

I have pondered this question numerous times from my own experiences as well as those who confide in me to ask is there such a thing as LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT??.

Here is a little story for you...My husband and I met 2years before we started dating. I went to a New Year's party with one of his friends (who I was kinda dating, I use the word dating loosely since there was not much going on). I was introduced to my now husband in a quick passing, I vaguely remember meeting him; however for the next two years he never forgot about me. To this day he remembers what outfit I was wearing, the way I wore my hair and a the scent of my perfume, most of all he says he remembers my eyes and my lips. According to him they seduced him and he fell in love with me at first sight.
Two years later, my cousin and I were walking into to a local bar for a cocktail and she had been talking about this guy she was friends with, I asked her what was wrong with him, she said nothing, I replied then why not date him? She said, he was handsome, charming, funny but there was no connection. As we were walking to the door a handsome gentleman was entering from the opposite side, we both came to a halt and our eyes were locked. I swear my heart skipped a beat.

No more than a few seconds later my cousin said to me, this is ****, the guy I was telling you about, I thought to my self HOT DAMN, if she is not interested I am, except that it was not cut and dry, I was dating someone at the time. We only spent an hour or so chit chatting then I had to leave. Something stronger than any force I have ever known kept bringing us together, because after that I ran into him all the time. On our third encounter he boldly asked me to marry him...TRUE STORY!

We were at a friends house for a small gathering and were asked to run to the store and pick up a few items, so I drove while he went with...on our way to the store(he would not stop talking), he asked me to marry him, I think his exact words were, "You are a beautiful woman, who knows what she wants and where she is going, I want to make sure all your dreams come true, Marry me and be my wife"? Seriously, this was our third encounter and he didn't even know my favorite color and he wanted to marry me....Lust or Love...I will leave that up to you to decide!

Have you ever found or been in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, please do tell???

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Life To Live

Hot Damn, what a whirlwind life has been!!! I am back from my trip to Texas and let me say it was FABULOUS!

Let me start by saying thank you for your condolences for my aunt's passing, she was a sweet and tender soul! Our trip to Texas was to pay our respects and attend her services. I traveled with my sister, aunt and cousin, all in all it was a great roadtrip!

I come from an extremely large family and have many family members who live 30minutes from the big city of Forth Worth, yet in all my visits to see them, I had never even been to Forth Worth. I went out and saw the town this time around. I know a few of my family members were a bit disappointed that I did not spend as much time with them, but I kept thinking to myself, I love to sit and visit, but I also want to go out and see as much as I can and that is exactly what I did. I have one life to live and I am going to live it up!!

I met some real cowboys while in Texas, they greet you by tipping their hat, a firm, yet gentle handshake and speak with a southern twang, "Howdy Ma'am" or "Nice to meet you Ma'am". Southern hospitality is interesting to say the least. These cowboys had a certain swagger to their step, almost a sense of confidence when they walked with their nicely fitted wrangler jeans(bow-chika-bow-wow), cowboy hats and boots. It is different when a city slicker (that is what they called me, that and Yankee) it is different to see the way they live life in Texas, it is much more calm and slower paced then here in the Windy City of Chicago. And the TEXAS PRIDE, is priceless; they call their state "God's Country" and everywhere you see the USA flag you will see the Texas flag flying proudly besides it. The weather was delish...warm and sunny during the day and brisk at night. So lets get to the cousin took me under his wing on the second day and showed me a good ol' time, Texas Style. He is a Field Superintendent for a gas pipeline company, so I went to work with him the next day and he showed me around town. He is the guy who is supervising that everyone else is "Getting R Done", we rode around checking on his crews and meeting with inspectors, etc. Mid Day we went to lunch at this neat place called the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Everyday at 11:30am, they have what they call a cattle drive, they bring out the Texas Longhorn(which are gigantic) and parade them down the main road for a few blocks. These are the same cattle that are used in rodeos. Take a look below.The Stock Yards were so much fun, that we returned later that evening, with my sister and cousin. It was a beautiful site at night and extremely lively, with saloons, gift shops, eateries all up and down the block. While in Texas for a short few days, I was a busy lady; I did some shopping, some drinking, found a gorgeous turquoise ring, almost bought some cowboy boots(they on my list to Santa), I had amazing southern food, was impressed by southern hospitality, spent time with amazing people(my family) and made many great memories. All this in six days!!


Okay now its your turn, my Sassy Readers how have you been and what will you do to Live it up???

Sassy Chica

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seduce Me Naughtily

I am MissAlwaysCarriedAway those who know me, know that I love to love and be loved. I follow my heart and desires in being passionate and in finding love. I can go completely crazy about tall and well built men, but only the right words can make me fall in love with someone. Words which make me want to lose myself in smooth whispering, words which stay on my neck, when he says them and words which make my body go shivers. I can immerse myself in every breath he takes to say my name and during that moment, I am always getting carried away.

He knows how to seduce me.
He knows which candles I like, which music let me forget myself in dance, he knows how to whisper softly into my ear and he knows how to touch me to make me close my eyes. He leads me and I don't mind. I dream about being with him forever. In these dreams I have loved him so, that by now I think I know, what it's liked to be loved by him, so I will love being loved by him. Now he is away for a moment and I wear his Tshirt in the morning to sense his body, while I am drinking my first morning coffee. I love everything about him, his hands know how to touch. His eyes, which know how to look. His mouth, which knows how to speak. His lips, which know how to kiss. Kiss me and only me.
"I was hypnotized by your fairy eyes, like a Tiger in the dark, you were hungry from the start".
And, I had this dream. Me and Him. We were in his living room with Barry White, who was singing deeply for us, we were dancing, he was caressing my neck and arm. We barely spoke, no words were needed. I remember my heart went wild, when I was feeling him as he approached me closer and closer. No space to breathe, to move, we were dancing although neither of us moved an inch. I was lying in his arms, still he was caressing my back, murmuring into my ear. I felt I was in heaven. I felt I had lost myself in every piece of him, just for a couple of beautiful moments. I didn't want to wake up, I wanted to stay with him and fall asleep close to his body.

Ooh-La-La, I get lost in Deva's beautifully written stories!! Bravo, my friend this one was delish and did not disappoint! Please do visit her blog and take in all of of her, as she shares her pure and raw interpretation of love.
My friends, more bad news for me...My aunt in Texas has passed and I am leaving this afternoon to attend her services, therefore I will be gone till the end of the week, please do excuse my absence and know I will be back shortly! (please no comments on my loss, instead I want to read comments about my lovely guest blogger Deva from Always Carried Away)!
Sassy Chica

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fabulous Five

Hello lovely to see you! My bloggy buddy Lora (who is Fabulous) over at Take Me The Way I Am, was part of a neat assignment from her friend Brooke, she was given five random words and was asked to give her own description of what these words meant to her. I asked if I could play this game too and these are the five words she randomly picked for me.

Here are my FAB FIVE: Love, Internet, Season, Entertainment, Joy

Love - I am in love with the word LOVE; I love to LOVE and be LOVED. It is more than an emotion it is a way of life. I am a firm believer that what you put out into the universe, you will get back. Do not expect all those that you love, to love you back the same, for we are not all alike and if we were one of us wouldn't have to be here. Love is intense, something we can not control and the more we try the more we try to control love the more we may fail at it. Love is not to be understood, but felt and shared. I wish you love...go out and love someone today, give it freely, give it unconditionally, give it often!

Internet - oh, our beloved Internet, where would I be without it??? It is because of the Internet that I have the opportunity to share this blog with you. It is because of the blog that I can share myself with you!! Most businesses are run and managed on the Internet. It has become a bigger than life necessity and the way of the world.

Seasons - I love living in Chicago, where we have four fabulous seasons,(each one different in its own unique way). Each distinct season offers the opportunity to enjoy God's splendid grace with nature! I also love that each season brings it's own fashion!!!

Entertainment - oh my this is a loaded word...full of so many meanings!! Entertainment is to find amusement and delight, best enjoyed with family and friends and on some occasions alone!

Joy - a pure emotion from satisfaction. A kiss from lover, a hug of a child, a warm embrace, a loving face...

I invite you to play along with me and tell me what these fabulous five words mean to you!!
Sassy Chica

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What A Girl Wants

A few months ago, I came across a FABULOUS blog WhenHeKissesHerPassionsRoar. What drew me to this blog was the intensity of the writers way to capture her emotions. One of the very first posts I read was "40Things I May Never Say, But Want". I was in love, the idea of writing down and sharing with your lover what it is that you want...why didn't I think of that???

As I started to prepare for Naughty November, one of the suggested titles from a fellow FABULOUS Blogger Alicia(Holla) was to write about "WHAT A GIRL WANTS" or something along those lines. I attempted to write about it, but kept thinking back to the amazing post I had read by Desi. So I wrote her a quick note asking if I could share her work with you...she graciously agreed, so here it goes. Please do visit her, I have included her link above..and let her know I sent ya!!

40 Things I May Never Say, but Want:

1. Come grab me at my waist.

2. Have a conversation with me.

3. Share your secrets with me.

4. Give me your shirt, I like to wear it when you aren’t around.

5. Kiss me whenever and wherever, slowly at first and then passionately.

Are you remembering this?

6. Hug me tight.

7. Hold me.

8. Laugh with me, at me!

9. Take me somewhere I have never been.

10. Let us hangout with our friends together.


11. Smile at me, with me.

12. Take my pictures often and randomly.

13. Pull me onto your lap.

14. When I say I love you more, deny it. Fight back.

15. When my friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug me tight. It makes me feel more naughty.

Are you still with me? I might never repeat this?

16. Hug me and say ‘I love you’ whenever you see me.

17. Kiss me unexpectedly.

18. Yes, please me from behind around the waist.

19. Tell me I am beautiful. It never is enough.

20. Tell me the way you feel about me.

You need to do to show me you actually do mean it.

21. Open doors for me, walk me to the car – it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman. Men are essentially non-existent.

22. Tell me I am your everything – only if you mean it.

23. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask me – if I deny, it means I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT – so just hug me.

24. Make me feel loved.

25. Kiss me in front of OTHER girls you know! I want to make your girlfriends jealous.


26. Don’t lie to me please.

27. DON’T cheat on me please.

28. Take me ANYWHERE but take me with you.

29. Text message or call me, even if it to tease me, I love your voice.

30. Be there for me, even if I say I don’t need you. Everytime I count on you.


31. Hold me close when I am cold so I can hold you too for warmth.

32. While in the movies, put your arm around me.

33. Don’t ever tell me to leave even jokingly or act like you’re mad. If you are upset just don’t tell me off, I can keep quiet too.


33. When people diss me, can you stand up for me?

34. Lay down under the stars and put my head on your chest so I can listen to the steady beat of your heart.

35. When walking next to each other grab my hand.

36. When you hug me, Boldhold me in your arms as long as possible.

37. Comfort me when I cry and wipe away my tears.

38. Take me for long walks at night.

39. Always remind me of how much you love me and need me and want me.


I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did...what would you tell your lover or future lover you want?? Sometimes, needs and wants just need to be told!!

Make it a GREAT DAY!!
Sassy Chica

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seduce Yourself

Happy Hump Day Sassy readers!!! Hot Damn, we are one day closer to the weekend!! I hope you have enjoyed your week & Naughty November, thus far!! I am still a bit on the fence on how risque I dare to be this I am gonna give it my all and you tell me what you think!

After pondering for a bit about what to share with you today, I thought why not share a saucy that is near and dear to me. Drum roll please, "SEDUCE YOURSELF"! Yes, you read right...seduce yourself!!!

Make Wednesdays your night(schedule some much deserved ME time). Indulge in a glass of wine(or tea), take a bubble bath, give yourself a well deserved manicure/pedicure, relax with a good book...what ever it is, dedicate time to yourself. We all live such busy lives and before we know it, another week is gone, months pass and we never took time out to "Seduce Ourselves". Make yourself a priority and schedule some "Me" time today to love yourself, pamper yourself, indulge in yourself...(On a sidenote...where the heck is the right side column on my blog(maybe u can see it and I can not); I have no clue what happened that it disappeared. If you are NEW Sassy reader, WELCOME!!! I would love for you to join my Fabulous Followers, to do so please click on the "About this blog" at the top of this page and column will show up. If you are tech savvy and can assist...all comments are welcome.)

It would not be Wednesday with our our weekly weigh in. Awe ya, even after last weekends crazy Halloween festivities, this Chica managed to lose half a pound. Which is great even though I now have

I took my measurements this morning, which is always nerve wrecking and to my sweeet surprise I have lost 3+ inches in my chest, waist, leg and arm...bow-chika-bow-wow!!
I see a shopping spree in my future and this picture below confirmed it...check it!!

Enjoy your HUMP DAY...what will you do to seduce yourself today?

Sassy Chica

P.S-be sure to check in tomorrow...I have some hot stuff coming through from a guest blogger which I adore!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Do You Have Game?

SERIOUSLY???? If a guy or girl came up to you and blurted out: Hey Baby,

What would you say??? What would you do?? What would the reaction on your face be?? Would your heart dance, go pitter patter or your blood boil!

I have been out of the dating scene for many years, yet, I live vicariously though my single friends, as they share with me some of their ridiculous happenings. So like the good blogger I am, I reach for my handy dandy pink leather diary and take notes; knowing that "I am so Blogging this".

As a woman, I am going to share a secret with you men....most women love sweet talk, it may get you everywhere with them. Let's be honest Chica's, who doesn't like to be woo'd and honey, babied?? However when there is a sense of ridiculous in the tone, it makes one wonder, if that person is for real or just that big of an idiot!

Here are a few of the pick up lines that I recall hearing, I don't suggest using them, as most are cheezy!!

-Mwah, my compliments to the chef Baby, because you are delish!
-What's your sign?
-You had me at hello... (not even original, that was from a movie)!
-What would you like for breakfast?
-Sex is a killer, wanna die happy?
-I think you would make a great wife, marry me?
-Did you wash your pants in Windex,I can see myself in them.
-Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven??
-I can see my future children in your eyes.

Let me tell you a quick story, about a person I met (long ago), who I thought was the cat's meow and had game.

But, before I proceed, let me just say that both guys and girls have game and to briefly define game is "to say and do all the right things at the right times, to obtain what you want".

Now, back to my story...Once upon a time, I met this fine looking peron, who seemed to be fabulous, until the initial thrill passed, then I realized (after somewhat investing my heart)that this person turned out to be a dud, what a disappointment! With little to no personality and somewhat condescending. Here is the lesson I learned: just because a prospect may have a great pick up line and look yummy, get to know them before you invest your heart!

Now, its your turn, what are some of the best and worst pick up lines you have heard or used. And if you were to rate yourself...Do you have game???

Sassy Chica

P.S-for all those wondering if this Sassy Chica has game, the answer is YES!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adios, October

Oooh wee....October came and went in a hot second! Where does the time go??? It is with an open heart and mind that I welcome Naughty November...bow-chika-bow-wow!! Thanks to some suggestions from some of my sassy and saucy bloggy buddies, I am bringing it in November! Please note, not every post will be naughty, but I am working on a handfull!

After looking back at my October posts, all I could think of was blah, blah, blah...what a bore! If you are anything like me than you love to read the juice and live vicariously through others...well, Sassy Readers that is what we are going to do this subject is off limits (okay, well only the ones that make me blush and not much makes me blush).

Hot Damn, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but here is what I am asking from you...What do you want to talk about, what do you want to read about, what do you like to read and what tickles your fancy? Feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email:

I am also looking for guest post bloggers! I love the idea of supporting fellow bloggers and this would be a great way for my sassy readers to get to know you and love you as much as I do! If you wish not to write a post that walks on the wild side and you prefer to share a recipe, story or secret...all are welcome!!

Sassy Chica