Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Aha Moment

Hilarious, that you can find the definition to just about anything on the Internet. I searched for the meaning, AHA MOMENT and this is what I found: It's a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom.

About a month or so ago...after sending the my family on their way for the day, I began to read my daily fix of blogs (along with my first 3cups of coffee), it was during this quiet time, that I had an 'AHA MOMENT', to write a blog of my own. I often embrace my extroverted personality, not shy to speak my mind or share my views, so why not share them with the world???

I am by no means a professional writer; here is my FOREWARNING to all: please excuse my ill use of the English Language and improper grammar edict.

Shortly after having the epiphany to write a blog, I talked myself right out of it (I can be a bit indecisive). I asked myself, who would want to read the ramblings of a Domestic Engineer, once Sales Warrior?

Over the next few days I non-chalantly surveyed a few family/friends casually asking if they read blogs and what they thought about me writing a blog? It took little to no coaxing for them to convince me to go for it!

I have spent the last few months researching what this blogosphere is all about and in one word, AMAZING! Please bare with me, for I am sure to have plenty of faux pas; however I am confident to be up and running like a fierce competitor in the HighHeel Marathon in no time.

Sassy Chica

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