Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beep Beep

I think it is hilarious when kids that don't belong to me repeat what they hear.

While driving around town a few months ago...running errands, my sister in law had my three year old nephew in the car with her, when a jerk of a driver cut her off, nearly running her off the road. Her defensive driving skills kicked into fierce mode, she beeped twice and verbally responded to the driver, while stay in control of the car.

Later that evening when my nephew was at home with his father, the windows to the living room were open and two cars beeped at each other, my nephew instantly repeated what he had heard earlier that day "BEEP BEEP A$$hole". My brother was shocked to hear his son swear and asked his son...what did you say?? His response was the same.....beep, beep a$$hole.

My brother explained to his little guy that swearing was unacceptable and when he heard a car beep he should say, "beep, beep, Nice Guy".

To date it is a hit or miss on whether my nephew remembers to use the polite response or crass response when he hears cars beep.

Note to self.....watch what you say around kids, they repeat everything!!

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