Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lucky Number 7

My son is not your average 7year old. If there was ever a prize for a ridiculously funny kid, I am confident he would win! He has an extremely charming personality, witty sense of humor, unbeatable streak of luck and these big brown eyes with amazing lashes, that when he blinks just scream "love me".

Before school let out, our Lucky Lad tripled his money. He asked his father for three dollars, wanting to buy Smencils (yummy smelling pencils) for a dollar each. The next morning he went off to school happy as a clam, with his three dollars. When he got home from school that day, I asked if he had bought the Smencils, with bright eyes and a grin on his face, his one word response was YES! I asked to see them. Now with a sheepish look on his face, he softly said "I don't have them". I asked back "what happened to them"?

Well mom, once I hear (Well Mom), I know I am in for a story..... A fourth grader and fifth grader really wanted a pencil and they sold out, so I sold one of my pencils to a fifth grader for $7dollars and one to a fourth grader for $2 dollars, the third pencil I gave to my girlfriend. Stunned and not sure what to ask about first, the money or the fact that he just said he had a girlfriend...I collected my thoughts and asked to see the money, he opened up his wallet and sure enough he had tripled his money. I told him it was wrong to overcharge for pencils, he said they are the ones who offered me the money. Not knowing what else to say and just about ready to bust a gut in laughter, I turned away and said "wait until your dad hears about this".

Later that evening Prince Charming (my hubby) and pals were sitting in our garage watching baseball, I told them our son was a hustler and explained his recent escapade and how he tripled his is their sarcastic response "should we be mad at him"??? I went on to ask if we should have him return the money...before I could finish my sentence these grown Men shouted "NO"! The case was made that my son is not only younger in age, but smaller in size then both of the boys he resold the pencils to. I still contemplate that we should have had him return the money???


Ashley said...

I love this story...what a little hustler!

Little Debbie said...

Hell NO! Let him keep it. If they offered then they deserve to lose it!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a nice little reward. He learned a valuable lesson about economics.... it's all about supply and demand.