Thursday, July 30, 2009

One mistake after another...

Last week and a few days back (July 20th) to be exact, I turned 35. I am officially a Cougar (except I am married and no longer on the prowl)...what ev, small detail.

I once heard you gain wisdom with age....not true! On this specific weekend I made one mistake after another...

To celebrate me turning the big three-five. Prince Charming and my sisters planned a fabulous surprise party for moi, which I showed up half in the bag for! (Whoopsie, is that looked down on?) Earlier that day, we celebrated my brother-n-laws birthday. The Birthday Boy poured us each a cocktail to toast our birthdays. It was only half past noon (way to early for this Chica to be drinking). I went against my own rule (not to drink when sun is up), accepted and drank to my toast. Mistake number one!

By the time I knew it, I had not eaten all day, it was now close to three o'clock and I was in full swing party girl mode! Mistake number two.

A few hours later, I arrived at home and was surprised with a party in celebration of ME! My neighbor then offered me a shot of Tequila, I accepted...Mistake number three!

As the night progressed I took a few more shots, drank a variety of cocktails and had a blast!!! The next morning I woke up with a bit of a head tingle, not I thought. A few hours later, my ear started to hurt, then it hit me like a ton of extreme summer cold! Happy Birthday Party Girl!!!

Lesson Re-Learned: no drinking when the sun is up!

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