Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Picture Faux Pas

I love pictures!! I love taking pictures, being in picture's, collecting pictures. One day I aspire to finish the two scrapbooks I once started(insert laugh here). The years fly by so fast, sometimes all we have left are pictures...that is if you take the time to properly store them.

Just a few years ago when my diva daughter took a class trip she begged me to borrow my camera. I was hesitant, but agreed. That afternoon she ran into the house sobbing as if life was over! At first I could not make out what she was saying, somewhere between the tears, hyperventilating and half all came together... I LOST THE CAMERA!!! My eyes widened and I was in shock, I wanted to fall to the ground, instead I put my hand over my mouth to avoid saying something I may later have to explain to the authorities.

In all fairness I take part blame, it would not have been such a big deal if there weren't three years worth of pictures on the camera....yes, three years worth of pictures. I can kick myself for not properly storing all these great pictures...there were pictures of when our house was being built, my sons first days at school, family/friend gatherings, and the birth of my nephew...I still get a little upset just thinking about it.

Just when I thought I had learned my lesson and tried to avoid future picture faux pas, I did it again! I let a few months pass without downloading my camera and precious pictures were deleted. My curious son wanted to know what it looks like when you take pictures up your nose, so he took glamour shots of his nostrils. Being the sly child he is he deleted the evidence so no one would know that he was playing with mommy's camera. He not only deleted the pictures of his nostrils, but also the last few months. Crap once again pictures gone...this time from a fabulous wedding we attended on the Roof Top of Navy Pier in Chicago along with more parties and summer fun.

Lesson Learned: Avoid Picture Faux Pas by properly storing pictures!

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