Friday, August 7, 2009

Sassy Swimming Pool Chica's

I have an ability to attract some crazy people...don't believe me check this out.

A few weeks back I ran into some Sassy Chica's at the pool. Both of these Chica's were Sexy, Young(35'ish), Single and ready for change. On this particular day I had gone to the pool with some neighbors (which is always a good time).

While enjoying the day, I was also enjoying a good book(a steamy romance, bow-chicka-bow-wow), which kept me entertained. All the while these two Chica's sitting next to me, kept looking over smiling and would talk loud enough, as though they wanted to include me in their conversation, here is a tidbit:

Chica #1: "I am so ready to move out of this F'ing state".
Chica #2: "Really why is that"?
Chica #1: I have F'd up enough in this state; seen it all, done them all and ready for change! And all the good guys are married.
Chica #2: I hear ya sista, where do you want to move to?
Chica #1: Indiana, I have a hot man waiting for me there...after I break up with this loser I'm dating!
Chica #2: Do you need a roommate?? I will move to Indiana with ya?

An hour later these Chica's broke the ice and offered me some of their boot legged cocktails, they snuk into the pool. Stored in adult size sippy cups and some low-cal chips. I did what any good natured Chica would do and accepted. Cocktails and chips, on a hot summer day, I'm in!!

I befriended them quickly, because for the next few hours they talked about anything and everything under the sun(literally). These Chica's could talk the horns off a BillyGoat! And let me just say they had no boundaries and no topic was off limits!

Just one more story to add to my crazy chica list...."like crazy stalker lady", except these girls were no stalkers and if they were they could follow me anytime!!


Multiple personalities.. said...

Stopping by from SITS... Wow Chica, I thought I was the only one that attracted the crazies, apparently I'm not alone. They're entertaining though, aren't they (well, to a certain point). As for enclosing a link, when you're typing up your post in the blogger posting tool thingy, there's a button there that looks like a green globe. Make sure you're in 'Compose' mode and NOT HTML mode...then First, select/highlight the text you want to turn into a link. Then click that green globe, which is where you can enter the site address to the previous post you are looking to. Then you're done! Hope this helps! :-)

TangledEutopia said...

Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by earlier! I'll be posting soon. I've never gone more than 2 days without a post and it's killing me, but life has been CRAZY trying to get kids ready for school!

ItsKelly said...

Oh, I love it when I get around crazy people. I'm kinda quiet, so the loud-mouths love me. They can talk forever uninterrupted!

Visiting from SITS :)

Unknown Mami said...

At least they brought drinks and a snack!