Friday, September 11, 2009


Today, WE REMEMBER the near 3,000 people who lost their lives due to hijacked jetliners crashing into New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. With grateful hearts we also remember all the hero's who valiantly assisted our country!

Eight Years ago this morning, I was six months pregnant with my son and had just sent my daughter to school. I was preparing my morning tea, when I turned on the news and saw the first of two burning buildings. Minutes later I witnessed the second of the Twin Towers be hit. My heart sank and eyes filled up with tears, a sense of fear came over me. I immediately grabbed for the phone to call my husband who was unreachable.

The world as I knew it stopped! A sense of fear that I had never known came over me...all telephone lines were busy, I could not get a call into my daughters school, reach my mother or any of my siblings; it seemed like the longest day of my life!

A little while after what seemed to be an eternity, my daughters school called and confirmed the children were all okay. My husband and mother finally called, and all my siblings checked in one by one. As the days and weeks after 9/11 progressed I was humbled by our countries efforts to unite as one and work selflessly for the good of others. I was also humbled by the many countries who joined forces with us; I will never never forget.....

WE REMEMBER......9/11/01
God Bless America!

Where were you eight years ago when the world stopped?


Vodka Logic said...

I was home watching the Today Show and Matt Lauer interupted the interview he was doing when the news broke. They were all so calm I could'nt believe it.

On the phone with my mother all I could do is feel sick.


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back.

Allyson said...

wow, what a story you have. i was in college and was alone. i was in MN and my family was in VA. i felt very very alone. luckily, i had my friends to hold on to that day. it really changed everything.

thanks for the great post!

~ Dawn ~ said...

Everytime I think about that day, I get chills. Such a sad day, we will NEVER forget.

I was at work IM'ing with friends on the east coast. I didn't even know what happen till my friend said something about it. Her husband was in DC that day, so she was quite worried. My children were at the daycare and my first thought was to go get them, just have them close to me. I called the daycare and then my hubby. I remember the feeling of being lost and not knowing what was to come next. My prayers are with everyone who was affect by this.

Have a fabulous Friday!!

Susan said...

this terrible thing that happened to the world on 9/11/2001 will always bring tears to my eyes and sorrow to my heart. I pray that those families have found some comfort over the last couple of years.
God bless us all!

Sparkly Tiara said...


I was here in Australia, it was evening and a friend from the UK called and told us to turn on the TV.

I think I sat in front of that television for 2 or 3 days, simply unable to get my head around the fact that this was real and not some horrific movie.

I thought of friends in NYC and wondered if they were OK. I thought of one friend in particular in the UK who lost the entire NY branch of their company.

But mostly I just sat and stared in utter disbelief, holding my kids tightly.

Unknown Mami said...

I was holding my breath waiting for someone to say it wasn't true because planes DO NOT fly into buildings.

Jaque Macpherson said...

Yeah, we all remember that.. such a sad day!

Just stopping by from SITS, have a great weekend!

Kaibee said...

That incident changed the patterns on which the world moved!! It left a great impact, and things might never be the same!

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

On September 11th 2001 at around 9 - 9.30pm at night here in Perth, I remember I was doing a college assignment on the computer when my mum called me to come and look at what was happening on TV. As I came into the room I saw the second plane hit.
I watched TV all night and all the next day. After that I couldn't watch anymore. And to this day I cannot watch any movie or documentary which depicts the happenings of that day. It's just too sad.
Lest We Forget!

Jillian Livingston said...

Visiting from SITS.

It sounds like we were in similar phases of our lives. I too was seven months pregnant and had a little one sitting beside me

Glad to find you. Will be back!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Everyone's story of that day is a testimonial. We were all one; we were all the same day - there was no rich, no poor, no black, no white, we were all the same people, watchng the same nightmare unfolding on our television sets.
None of us who lived through that day will ever forget.