Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wed Weigh In

Happy Hump Day, Holla!! When I saw the image above, one word came to mind, FABULOUS!!!Curves are good, flaunting is good, sexy is good and regardless of your weight, in my opinion Sexy is a sense of confidence! So Work it!

As promised, I will be sharing my weekly weigh in's as I prepare for Vegas. Drum roll is the down and dirty:
Goal: 10lbs in 29days
weight loss: 0.0
weight gain: +1.0
days left: 23days

Whoopsie..I gained a pound...looking back at my weekend I can totally see where the gain came from. Friday was LadiesNight with the neighborhood Chica's, which is always a fabulous time. It is a feast with cocktails...dangerous if your watching your weight.

Saturday was my brother in laws birthday bash and a bash it was!!!! Family, friends, food and lots of drinks...My drink of choice that night was Bacardi and Coke. There was no diet soda, so I drank regular....hmm could that have been where I picked up this extra pound?

Sunday I was back on the wagon, no drinking and lots of detoxing of the body. I also committed to exercising everyday but Sunday, my last workout was on Friday and I returned to the gym on Tuesday. Tonight is bust my arse night in the intense Ab Class and cardio...I hope I can contain my laughter and that the instructor is not still pissed at me.
Enough about me, how about you, how was your weekend...please do tell???


Carol said...

I just got back from Vegas, you are going to have a blast!!

Encore Bride said...

I love that image but I too have fell off, I'm doing WW but the weekends kick my butt! Id di go to the doctor Saturday, she weighed me and I lost 8 lbs since July...not bad but not where I want to be. I'm going to have to start holding myself accountable on the blog, maybe that's the motivation I need!

Thanks for sharing, hang in there, it's hard but not impossible!


Drahdrah said...

A 1 pound gain on what sounds to be a fabulous week-end... not too bad !!! For me, the key to losing weight is excercise, so I'm trying to simply move more, and eat a bit less junk ! Don't let the setback deter you... you're on the right track with your workout !

Allyson said...

Vegas baby! Are you suuuuuure you don't need us bloggie buddies to come with you for moral support of all the fun you will be having? ;)

Jennifer said...

Sexy is a sense of confidence! So Work it! <-- Love this. I'll have to add this to my daily mantra. =)

Happy Wednesday!

Archana said...

Confident women are always sexy. :) And why is it that all the best things in life add pounds to our body, lol.

Alicia said...

YAY vegas!! aren't you so excited for SITScation because i am so stoked!! oh, its going to be fabulous for sure...and i heard calories don't count in vegas... ;)

Ria said...

wow!!u had quite an interesting weekend there. Isnt it so tough to keep the pounds off!! :) I hope u succeed in ur mission.

Lani said...

Love the quote:) Stopping by from sits:) Good luck with the weight loss- you can do it!

Live.Love.Eat said...

That salad is looking good right about now. Last night, I went to make a rum and coke but when I saw we had no diet and only regular Pepsi (from a get together) I actually poured my glass out and went for the wine. I just couldn't do it.

I just wish I had that kind of power over chips & dip. Embrace my curves I will!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on going and don't get discouraged!!!!

Susan said...

aw, I've always been on a diet since the day I was born! :))
good luck, darling!

Faith- Inspired Designs by Faith said...

Love Love your blog!

Stopping by from sits!

Mesina said...

Well, you got right back on your bandwagon and on track again! Well done! the odd week here and there won't set things back drastically, life is life!

And hell yeah you got curves flaunt em babeh! Men like curvy sexy goddesses rawr!

Flory said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Ten pounds is not much, but it's the hardest to take off. I've been falling of the wagon for three years now.

Like today I had a danish, chocolate cookie, bread dipped in olive oil, and a glass of wine. On top of it all, I skipped my workout. I'll be back on track tomorrow.

Deva84 said...

Love the pic! I don't weight myself. I just can't. I know I'm a coward but it freaks me out! I'm dieting now and I promise I'll weight myself but only when I feel pretty sure I won't pass out when I see the number or I don't have a strong depression afterwards!

Betty said...

Great quote.
I've always been on a diet . Though I eat 1 chocolate an week !
Thanks for passing by and commenting
Have a great weekend

La Jolla Mom said...

Vegas! Trying to lose weight just sucks doesn't it. I could use dropping 5 lbs or so - maybe i'll try to do it too before SITScation too!