Monday, November 2, 2009

Do You Have Game?

SERIOUSLY???? If a guy or girl came up to you and blurted out: Hey Baby,

What would you say??? What would you do?? What would the reaction on your face be?? Would your heart dance, go pitter patter or your blood boil!

I have been out of the dating scene for many years, yet, I live vicariously though my single friends, as they share with me some of their ridiculous happenings. So like the good blogger I am, I reach for my handy dandy pink leather diary and take notes; knowing that "I am so Blogging this".

As a woman, I am going to share a secret with you men....most women love sweet talk, it may get you everywhere with them. Let's be honest Chica's, who doesn't like to be woo'd and honey, babied?? However when there is a sense of ridiculous in the tone, it makes one wonder, if that person is for real or just that big of an idiot!

Here are a few of the pick up lines that I recall hearing, I don't suggest using them, as most are cheezy!!

-Mwah, my compliments to the chef Baby, because you are delish!
-What's your sign?
-You had me at hello... (not even original, that was from a movie)!
-What would you like for breakfast?
-Sex is a killer, wanna die happy?
-I think you would make a great wife, marry me?
-Did you wash your pants in Windex,I can see myself in them.
-Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven??
-I can see my future children in your eyes.

Let me tell you a quick story, about a person I met (long ago), who I thought was the cat's meow and had game.

But, before I proceed, let me just say that both guys and girls have game and to briefly define game is "to say and do all the right things at the right times, to obtain what you want".

Now, back to my story...Once upon a time, I met this fine looking peron, who seemed to be fabulous, until the initial thrill passed, then I realized (after somewhat investing my heart)that this person turned out to be a dud, what a disappointment! With little to no personality and somewhat condescending. Here is the lesson I learned: just because a prospect may have a great pick up line and look yummy, get to know them before you invest your heart!

Now, its your turn, what are some of the best and worst pick up lines you have heard or used. And if you were to rate yourself...Do you have game???

Sassy Chica

P.S-for all those wondering if this Sassy Chica has game, the answer is YES!


Kristin said...

The hubs has NO game. I had to hit on him. So I guess I DO have game. Ah ha ha.

Maggie said...

hahaha too funny!

No one has ever told me a pick up line before and I have never told anyone one either! I don't think I could and if someone would to tell me something like that I think I would just smile and that is about it! I mean if the guy wants something else he will come and buy me a drink or try to make conversation instead of a cheezzzyy pick up line! :P

Allyson said...

of course you got game!! there should be no question, silly.

i never really had any pickup lines used on me before. i guess i've never met "those guys" ever. in college when i was single, guys were too drunk to be creative! LOL

Ms. Wanda said...

"Girl your so fine I could drink your bath water!" Oh, then there is "Girl you must be jam cause jelly don't shake like that!" It's been so long but, I hated those two lines the most and the men that said them to me were horrible....

If a guy said that line in the beginning of your post, I'd probably bust out laughing at him:) The funny thing is I think this must work on some people because they are still saying them!

Ms. Wanda

Nomad said...

do guys actually use these lines in a serious way??? i always thought they did it for a laugh and girls who liked funny guys went for it.

Sassy Chica said...

Kristin-go on girl with your sassy, gaming self...that's what I like to hear!!

Maggie-I admire that you have not had a pick up line used on you! It can be insulting at times and fun at others.

Allyson- your hilarious, I found it was the college guys who used most of the pick up lines and it was hilarious that when drunk they always came out wrong.

MsWanda-I had totally forgotten about the bath water one, CLASSIC.

Nomad-yes some dudes really do think that the pick up line is their only icebreaker.

Sassy Chica

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Just last week, a guy asked me, "Do you have a bit of Spanish in you?" To which I replied, "No." Then this strange person said, "Well do you want some, hint hint?!"

Oh wait - that random person was my husband. My bad! But hey, I guess I still have game after seven years of marriage! ;-)

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Pick up lines are so ricidculous! Instead of catching my attention, I am instantly turned off!

Alicia said...

do i have game?! girl puh-lease! i am latina...enough said!! :)

Sassy Chica said...

Mandy: you are a riot!!! Your hubby is a witty man, thanks for sharing!

SSS: I agree most pick up lines are ridiculous; however some one liners can be seductive, like when you call your lovah and he me tender...bow-chika-bow-wow!

Alica...I know you have game chica..."it's in the eyes, they never lie"!(quote from Scarface)

Tammy Howard said...

In my day I flirted - sometimes with a couple cocktails in me I still flirt - but I don't know if I'd call that 'game'. Hmmmmm. I think I'd respond well to a VERY cheesy line because it would make me laugh and I like a person who can make me laugh, but if it's a line they really want you to buy, well, no...

Jules said...

I have totally lost ALL game. A guy flirted with me the other day and I completely was shocked. SHOCKED. I'm still one cute thing, too! Lost it.

Live.Love.Eat said...

LOL. I wouldn't be mad at all. I would just laugh and tell him "the 80s called and wants their pick up line back." Or I would mimic him and give 'em a good pick up line right back.

Multiple personalities.. said...

Hmm, well, I don't know if this counts as having game, but if having game means I can still drive my hubby CRAZY by slightly biting my lower lip, then yea, I still got game! The worst pick up line ever? Well, it would have to be about 12 years ago when a guy at a party walked up to and bluntly asked, "Hey gorgeous, wanna go to my truck and {insert rhyming expletive here}?" Oh yea, he did say that!

Beth Dunn said...

My husband told me I had the prettiest eyes he had ever seen and he would know--because he is an eye doctor. xoxo


Sassy Chica said...

Tammy- Yes, being a flirt is working your mojo(game). Especially when you can catch the attention of the one you target!! Smile with your heart, seduce with your eyes!

Jules-if you once had it, I am sure you still got it, girlfriend! Search out your mojo(game), practice it and then come back and tell us how it goes!

L.L.E: your comment was hilarious, I love the 80's comeback!!

Multiple Personalities...awe ya chica, naughty lip biting is so game!!!

Beth- Your hubby's got game...especially if that is the line that hooked ya!

Carol said...

Those pickup lines are hilarious!!

Betty said...

I always have a game!
and there's somthing waiting for you on my site!!

Unknown Mami said...

Girl, I wish I was a pair of your pants so I could wear that ass out. This was said to me by a high school student when I was already an adult.

Suree said...

Her is one

"I got bored of seeing heaven alone , why don u join me tonight?"

Suree said...

One more...

"I am on the way to meet an angel ,changed my decision after seeing you ..."

Archana said...

Hmm my game, it's all in the eyes, haha. ;)

As for lame pick up lines, I think the worst one I've ever gotten is "If you were Jasmine, I'd be your Aladdin, so that that I could take you on a magic carpet ride". Yup. No joke. Someone actually said that to me at a Halloween party a few years back. He even said it in all seriousness, like he thought that would get him somewhere. Super awkwardddd, lol.

If only more men would just use their natural charm instead of rely on silly one liners. :P Loved reading this post, November's starting on a good note. ;)

Sassy Chica said...

Carol-I think most if not all pick up lines are hilrious, unless they are insulting!

Hi Betty, I am on my way over!

UnKnown Mami: Chica, that pick up line was classic, thank you for sharing...and I am sure you got game!

Suree: those were hilarious...thanks for adding them to the list and thanks for visiting:)

Archana: I agree Chica, it's all in the eyes!!!!

Betty said...

S.C. thanks you 're my best on line friend. I'm honoured too having you as a friend!
please check out my tomorrow's post about awards.

Misty said... this is kinda stupid and not really a "line" but one time when I was in high school, a college guy came up to me in (of all places) McDonalds. He asked if I was planning on going to college and told me he was in his first year but that the moment he laid eyes on me (what...a minute ago?) he had decided to change is major! To what you ask........... he decided he wanted to be a gynecologist! What?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! I kid you not! Geesh!

FYI: I laughed at him, we ate our fries, and left thinking "How weird!"

However...I still remember it!

Misty said...
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Susan said...

awww, I don't remember anymore... but I remember that at the end of the first date he told me he had dreamed of hugging me the night before so I let him... :))
I love your posts by the way... xoxo

Sassy Chica said...

Betty: thanks for the award, darling!

Misty...I tell ya, some stuff that prospects are willing to say is so ridiculous, that you just can't help but to remember!

Susan: then the boy had game...bow-chika-bow-wow, hope the hug was spectacular..I am sure for him it was!

Sassy Chica