Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Monday

Oh Monday, here we are again!! Thanksgiving came and went in a hot second and now we are embarking the Christmas season, but before we get ahead of ourselves, lets bask in this wonderful Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and for those of you Sassy readers who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed your holiday! I was blessed to be surrounded by many loved ones, we had good food, good drinks, good times and made many good memories.

Today is a gorgeous day here in Chicago and I am so grateful...for many different reasons, but first and foremost because I was given the chance to live another day. Life gets crazy and right now my life seems to be in total chaos, however I am determined to be grateful for this day!

When life gets a crazy and I have tough decisions to make, I try to consume myself with good thoughts, positive energy and make my list of ten. These are the first ten then things that come to mind and I am grateful for...this helps me to remember that no matter what life throws at me, there is always something good...the power of positive thinking!! So here it goes...

  1. Grateful to be ALIVE
  2. Grateful for my faith
  3. Grateful for my health
  4. Grateful for my loving family
  5. Grateful to have precious friends
  6. Grateful to have Sassy readers
  7. Grateful for my home
  8. Grateful for home utilities (water, gas, electric) that I so often take for granted
  9. Grateful for the ability to love and be loved
  10. Grateful for Coffee

Make time today to make a list of ten...

Enjoy this fabulous Monday, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised!


Sassy Chica


Nahl said...

You're so positive-it's contagious, so thank you for that!

Sassy Chica said...

Nahl...sometimes it takes all I have to be positive, but thank you for thinking so and thank you for visiting me often!

I wish you a day full of love and happiness!

Sassy Chica

Miss Always Carried Away said...

Babe that's a great 10! I like it, after watching Secret I wake up and I try to tell myself what Im grateful for. It's amazing how better I feel afterwards!

p.s. We had an awful weather!!! It was rainning all day long! blehh!!

Sassy Chica said...

Hi DEVA, boo to bad weather!
I thrive off the sun and sometimes get a little down when its gloomy for days, makes me wonder why I live in Chicago since our winter is the longest, coldest, darkest season of the year!

I have Secret on my wish list to Santa...

Sassy Chica

Susan said...

I love your positiveness- thanks for your sweet comments, too!
I hope you are having a fab day, xoxo

Sassy Chica said...

A Fabulous day it was, a bit low key which is always a good thing, especially for a Monday!

Thanks for stopping by darling!

Sassy Chica

Encore Bride said...

Thank you for this Chica! I truly am grateful for many things, even when facing Mr. E's impending deployment. It's still all good 'cause it could always be worst!

Alicia said...

hey lady!! hope you had an awesome thanksgiving!! and i love the list! i'm right there with ya lady!! have a wonderful week :)

Sassy Chica said...

EB-awe suga, best of luck with the deployment of your handsome honey, thanks for visiting Chica!!

Alica...hey girl, thanks for stoping by, Thanksgiving was a good time, with good people and good drinks!!

Sassy Chica

Allyson said...

love the list :)

ps: what's your email? i wanna send you an invite to my now private blog...

Tiffany said...

a list is such a great idea! it's so easy to become consumed by the negatives of life and forget the simple and wonderful things.

glad you had a great holiday!

Sassy Chica said...

Hi is my email forward to reading your blog again soon!

Hi Tiffany, it is humbling to give God thanks and praise!!

Thanks for visiting Chica's:)

Ria said...

that was a lovely and optimistic post. Loved it!! *hugs*

Betty said...

Love your optimitsic view on things.