Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas Blessing

What a fabulous day...eight years ago today, I was blessed with the early birth of my Christmas baby boy. He was a tiny little thing; however for being a month premature he tipped the scale at 6lbs, 2oz...not bad for making his debut four weeks early!

A week later on Christmas Eve, our little peanut became ill and lethargic so back to the hospital it was; his little body was not making enough calcium, after a week stay, we were able to take him home with us again, except every month for the next 3months he would become ill with virus's none life threatening.

Until April he was inconsolable after an extensive series of tests in the E.R, the doctors said our little angel had an obstructed bowel. They immediately prepped him for surgery and to their surprise it was much worse, the entire right side of his colon was also obstructed!

The hospital did not have an infant surgeon to operate, so they were ready to helicopter him out to a different hospital, but time was not on our side. The hospital paged the best Adult surgeon they had and by the grace of God he performed the surgery and remove the entire right side of his colon. He was not healing rapidly and had to be sedated and paralyzed for the next few weeks and had a few more surgery's. The final surgery was a colostomy. 3Months later they reversed the colostomy and he has never been back to the hospital since!!

Our Christmas blessing was seeing the Goodness of God and strength of faith through the trials and tribulations of our child's first few months.

Today we celebrate his 8th birthday and with thankful hearts we appreciate all of our prayer warriors, doctors and nurses who never gave up hope! I have written about my son, feel free to check out some posts under kookey kids, he has a larger than life personality, is extremely witty, charming and always full of surprises.

I am so excited to see what life has in store for my heart I know God saved him for a reason!!



Betty said...

Oh Sassy, that is a very touching story of yours!!
I strongly agree with what you said(last line).
Happy Birhday to your adorable son!
love and hugs

Daman Tiwana said...

I am touched by your story. I do believe in keeping faith in god.
Happy birthday to your peanut. May he live long!

Ashley said...

God is good everyday !! Tell your son Happy-Happy Birthday !!

Alicia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEANUT!! oh i'm so teary right now!! that little man had such a rough start and look how awesome everything turned out... you are seriously so blessed!!

Connie K said...

Happy Birthday to your lil guy ! Your story is some what similer to my lil guys story born @27weeks on Christmas eve.!!So glad your son is healthy and they truely are Christmas blessings :)
xoxo Connie

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Happy Day!!!

Susan said...

happy birthday to your little one, darling! what a sweet story... it made me tear up a little.
have a lovely day, xoxo

Anonymous said...

Aw, chica! That was very lovely thank you for sharing your story with us. *hugs* somthing great is stored for him.

Harini said...


Happy Birthday Peanut!!!

Ria said...

this got tears in my eyes!!and thank god he's fine. :) Happy b'day to ur little wonder.

Unknown Mami said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos to your little champ.

~ Dawn ~ said...

Happy 8th Birthday to your little man. God is good and has blessed your lives with an amazing boy. I hope he has the best birthday.

Suree said...


convey my wished to peanut :P ..