Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Monday

Picture to the left says it all!!! This morning started with a startling phone call at 5AM, it was my husbands boss calling him into work early....then when I was just falling back to sleep, the phone rang again....boss calls back to say no need to rush, come in at your regular time! Thanks Boss Man!! Needless to say I have been up since and now feel like I need a nap!!

The weekend was fabulous!! Friday night was spent at home low key...some neighbors stopped over for the Chicago Bulls game, we had a few cocktails and BULLS WIN

Saturday was an amazing day spent with two of my favorite people in the whole world, my sisters!! Later in the evening I attended one of the Sassiest Girl Night Out parties with my sister and let me just say it was out of control....lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of cocktails

Surprisingly, on Sunday I didn't feel too bad. Later in the day my mother had summoned my siblings and I to her house for lunch...she then dropped the bomb that she has sold our childhood home and will be moving to Texas in a!

It was bitter sweet...bitter because that is the home we grew up in, that is our center and it is where we have so many memories with our father, who passed 9years ago! Sweet because the house is way to big for my mother and it was becoming a financial burden on her!

Later I made my way home watched the Football playoffs and rested for the rest of the day...ahhhhh, great way to spend a Sunday!

So what have I missed, how have you been and how was your weekend?

Sassy Chica


Nahl said...

Aah it's been years since my parents sold my childhood home and I miss it still-but don't worry, better things are going to come! :)

Susan said...

what an amazing weekend- I am glad you had fun! I didn't like my childhood home- lots of bad memories, however, I understand you. it's great that the financial burden is off your mother's shoulder though.
have a sweet day, darling, xoxo

Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like you had a good weekend. been a few years since i went to a bulls game...would love to go again.

otin said...

It is kind of tough when a parent moves far away. It affects you more then you think. It is especially tough to see your childhood home being owned by someone else. The Superbowl should be good. The two best teams made it.

Rosie said...

We finally had some sunshine this weekend but we're in for another storm. If it's not el Nino, it's fires, earthquakes, mudslides...California sucks!

Your Mami is moving? I'm sure she will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I bet that must have been annoying!! I get sooo annoyed when the phone rings I don't want to get it!! haha!

Harini said...

Its so difficult to part with the home you grew up in. When i was 12 my dad and grandpa decided to give my home to developers who demolished my lovely independent home and constructed flats in its place. I hate apartments here... I prefer an independent home where noone else will say anything if i do anything like getting dogs or playing loud music.

Alicia said...

hey mamasita! long time no see!! that's so crazy that you're mom's moving, but how exciting for her!! and man...i HATE getting woken up...i am not a morning person!

Ria said...

hmm...u had a gala time hun!!i went to the salon to pamper myself. and met up with an old friend too! :)

Valérie said...

HA I <3 the picture! Actually the other day I was thinking about maybe adding a new day in the week. right between sunday and monday. it would be a lazy day to finish the weekend and be ready for the new week. still working on the name though. any suggestion are welcomed!