Thursday, May 6, 2010

Toss of A Coin

This Chica is torn!! I have friends and family who read my blog, therefore I have decided to not disclose my exact situation, to protect the innocent (me, lol)! And also to avoid awkwardness at the next friend/family gathering.

When looking for answers and given two options, both equally exceptional how do you choose? Option one is comfortable, you know what your getting and it's safe. Yet option two is a complete risk, it may be everything you have ever wanted, but there is no guarantee. I am torn because: So how do you choose? An Answer needs to be found, living in limbo, waiting for the answer to arrive is not an option. Would you suggest as the image does below: Is it that simple...a coin toss? What if you make the wrong decision and you regret it for the rest of your life? If you play it safe, will the agony of the unknown haunt you for life? Or will the possible failure of taking a risk and failing torture you for the rest of your life?

Either way once the decision is made there is no going back...please help!!

I would love to say that I will follow my heart, but everything I do...I put all my energy, heart and soul into! That's how this Chica rolls:D


Sassy Chica


Side Street Style said...

I love both of those quotes....they really put things into perspective...I love the coin toss one because it is always have a preferance and that is a good way of finding out what you are really wishing for.
Loving your blog and just stopped by from SITS
Have a super weekend :)

Laura x

MiMi said...

When I have to make a choice I ask the hubs. Right before he answers I know what I WANT him to say. And that's the answer.

Jewels Diva® said...

Not exactly sure what the problem is, but I guess you could write down the pros and cons of either decision and then weigh up what is best.

Anonymous said...

Only two people from the real world read my blog so I'm ok and I can talk smack! LOL!!! But chica you do your thing!! You know deep down inside what choice to make even though it will be hard! It is not about choosing sides but choosing what the correct thing to do! said...

i like the quote :P

thanks for your commetn! and sorry for late reply :{

Enigma said...

I'm new here. Just wanted you to know that I like your blog very much.
Its full of energy and optimism.
And every time I leave your web page, I'm smiling..

Loved both the quotes..:)

Sassy Chica said...

Side Street Style: Welcome and Thank you for visiting:D You are right on about having a preference or as the image states maybe this chica will take a walk on the wild side!

MiMi-That is hilarious, I am still laughing! I just may try that:)

Jewels Diva-A pro and con list is a fabulous idea..

Maggie-I love your profile pic! I agree deep down inside I know what I want, but I have talked myself in and out of it so many times that I am now confused... for visiting:)

Enigma: Thank you for your compliments! You and my Sassy Readers make my world a better place:D Pleae do visit me again!

Melissa aka Equidae said...

I myyself would probably go for the unknown..never tried a coin toss but maybe in that millisecond you get to know waht you want to do. Whatever it is you know already the answer deep down all you have to do is let your heart open and free so it comes to the surface. hugs

OceanDreams said...

I think it really depends on the situation, but I certainly think that change is good and that you have to weigh your options, that is very hard I know! I think life is about taking chances, whatever you choose may not work out perfectly, but you just have to give it your best shot. Hope it works out, have a great weekend girl!

Unknown Mami said...

Just because you have a choice to make does not mean one option is right and the other is wrong. They are just two different possibilities. Go with your gut and do not worry about being right of wrong.

Betty said...

That's a very difficult Q.
If we made the right decision is something we would find out by its result.
Loved this post! Great food for thought.
Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!
Betty xx

Alicia said...

oh do what you feel is best for you! at the end of the day its about our family and loved ones...but i hope you're having an amazing mother's day!!

Ria said...

I think u shud follow ur heart and jus go with the flow!! :) And this is when u will not have any regrets coz u did wht u felt like.

nitwit said...

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Mrsblogalot said...

The answer is clear...get yourself a secret blog so you can tell us all of the details!

Yeah, like nobody else wants to know..don't even.

Oh, then toss a coin (-: