Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Excercising Faux Pas

I've gone back and forth about sharing my endless efforts to lose weight. I've started many posts, only to delete them. The Goal 25 by 35...I aspired to lose 25pounds by my 35th birthday. Not gonna happen since my birthday was two days ago and I still have eight pounds to go. I extend goal date to end of month.

We have a fabulous workout facility a few blocks from our home(walking distance). The only complaint I have about this Fab Fitness place is, WHY the hell are the treadmills and bikes in the front of the room? They would have been much better placed in the back of the room!

Imagine are sweating to the oldies or watching one of the numerous flat screen T.V's and everyone behind you has a picture perfect view of your assets. If that is not embarrassing enough, imagine tripping while getting the hang of a "new" treadmill. Yes I said tripping, I (almost) tripped...6times!! I have since then learned to pick up my feet and now have nightmares of skidding out face first!

This gym is the posh place to be. I see all types of people while there, the typical muscle head, (great eye candy and motivation). You may also run into the woman, trying to lose the baby weight, or making up for years of self neglect(that's me). The best is the flake, who stand in front of the free weight mirror with a Five pound weight,fixing her hair, answering her cell and applying lipgloss... yes, lipgloss, I can not even imagine where she is storing it?!?

Running into parents I know from my kids school, sports, PTO has go to be the worst. There is nothing like panting on the treadmill, sweating like a pig and the PTO organizer coming up to you and asking if you will be volunteering this year or if your kid will be playing sports this season? Seriously lady, please talk to me when I can catch my breath!

If that is not enough to piss you off, I have also had run-ins with the Hercules dad, who tries to compete with me on the treadmill. I start off slow, he starts off slow, I speed up, he speeds up, I build up the confidence and try to run...then this Jack A$$ has to run twice as fast, just because he can...nothing but good times at the Gym, can't wait to go back tomorrow!

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