Friday, July 10, 2009

I Facebooked Your Mom

My Diva Daughters smartalec friend sent me this T-shirt and list after accusing me of being a Facebook junkie...the nerve!

You know you are addicted to Facebook if:

1.When you are talking to someone on the phone and writing on their wall at the same time.
2.You take pictures solely to post it on Facebook.
3.You stop talking to people who haven’t joined Facebook yet.
4.You break up with someone by changing your relationship status
5.when your kids are screaming 'MOM,I'M HUNGRYYY!' and you are too busy updating your 'what I am doing' Status!
6.You converse with other people more on their "walls" than in person.
7.When someone writes on your wall, and you respond in a matter of seconds.
8.You consider FACEBOOK as part of your activities, hobbies and interests.
9.You check Facebook daily, multiple times a day, or all day.
10.When you have over 300 friends,but you actually know 30 and only talk to 2.
11.You actually checked your Facebook a few times while reading this!

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