Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sassy Saver

I love to shop and am always looking for ways to save a buck, find a deal, use a coupon or obtain a discount. Some may call me a penny-pincher; I say thrifty, sensible, frugal, a "Sassy Saver"! I will pay for quality over quantity anytime, I love the finer things in life, but I also love paying less for them!!

Now more than ever as a Domestic Engineer, I focus much effort to effectively and efficiently running my household; which takes some finessing on less than two incomes. I have recently found new ways to cut cost by following some sound advice "Plan your work and work your plan"!

Sassy Saving Tips:

  • Plan and set a weekly budget.
  • Pre-plan a week worth of meals before going grocery shopping.
  • Keep a running list on your fridge, of items you need or items you run out of
  • Designate one day a week to do all of your shopping.
  • Keep a running tally, while shopping to stay on plan.
  • Make your own snack bags.
  • Cut/Clip or download coupons.
  • Look thru store flyer's.
  • Be Vigilant, become a SCAN HAWK!
  • Buy in bulk, only when it makes sense.
  • Check out Generic and Store Brands.
  • PLAN your route.

I am working on a Sassy Saver Series to be posted this fall...stay tuned!

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