Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pecker Head Pete

This knuckle head bird is hilarious! Pete, (the name I gave him) is a cute yellow bird with black wings. He has valiantly tried to peck his way into my living room, via three different windows...on multiple occasions. I think he smells my good cooking or is simply just a pecker head!

At first I thought, maybe this bird flew into my window on accident, until he started to visit regularly!! I have taken pictures of this oh so cute little fella to make him famous and post him on my blog (sarcasm of course).

Actually, I took the pictures because other wise I don't think my hubby would have believed me. And I need him to check all the vents on the exterior of our home to make sure Pecker Head Pete has not built a nest.

I went to the best resource I know to find answers (the Internet), to see if I could find out what kind of bird Pecker Head Pete is, but no such luck. Either his beak is the wrong color or he doesn't have the right stripes on his back....what ev, I think my little Renegade friend is Fabulous!!

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