Thursday, April 15, 2010

Morning Kisses

Another Gorgeous day for the Chicago land area! Last night I forgot to close my bedroom windows, surprisingly the night was cool but not cold and this morning was a delight!! I woke up to a semi warm light breeze, which slipped in my window and kissed me good morning .
The sun was rising and the birds were singing me a song...ahhh, it was a great way to greet the day! I could smell the glory of spring...I am not sure how to explain it except that it was delish!!

For those of you who live in warm climate areas this may sound kookey, to be ga- ga for these moments. Let me just say, we had a long, cold, rough winter and I welcome SPRING and look forward to SUMMER.

I often wonder why I live here(note to self: because Chicago is AWESOME), however I consider myself to be a Sun Goddess, I love warm temps, chilled cocktails, flip flops with pedicured tootsies, concerts in the park...just to name a few of my favorite things. I even went as far as to contemplate a move to TEXAS...but decided to think it thru and not make any major decisions just yet.
Okay, enough about me, how are you???

I wish you all a wonderful day, may you find beauty in your surroundings and within yourself...I send love and kisses to you!!



Sassy Chica


FRANNIE said...

Being from the Northeast I can fully appreciate your love of the onset of Spring. :)

Sassy Chica said...

Hi Frannie!!!


Mrs. Clean Freak said...

I'm from Florida so I don't think it kookey! I am the same way about Fall and the Springtime! Love Posts....we need more of those! Thanks!

Tammy@InStitches said...

Spring has sprung in NC ! So glad you stopped by.

Maggie said...

It's too hot here sometimes and I just wish for the cold. Right now the weather is sooo damn freaky!!! Kind of scary. One day it's hot the next it's cold and rainy!

The Grown-Up Child said...

My local weather is warming up nicely too. There's nothing like the coming of spring! I like the warm weather too, but I tell myself that I wouldn't appreciate it as much if it didn't come right after the cold.

Alicia said...

oh lady, my pedicured tootsies enjoyed a glorious sunny california day!! i'm ready for summer too...hope you're doing good love!!

Alix said...
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MaryRC said...

sorry, my nanny was signed in.. that was my delete..

chicago is brutal during the winter. you deserve the lovely spring you are having. enjoy-the sticky mid-west summer is just around the corner..


Join the Gossip said...

Beautiful flowers! And a beautiful quote. What a great motto to live by =)

Betty said...

What a sweet post!
And I loved that photo and the quote!
Wishing you a great weekend!
Betty xx

Melissa aka Equidae said...

ahhh am ready for a pedicure! i love spring but summer can get a tad trooo hot for me!

MiMi said...

Ugh. I'm from the northwest, so when we see Spring we jump up and down like idiots. Not really, but you know what I'm talking about. :)
You have the cutest blog!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Beautiful setting! The pink tree leafs are stunning.

Penelope said...

omg that is gorgeous!!!!

I still want to visit Chicago. Can't wait. DH said we can make it a road trip one day.

Susan said...

what a beautiful photo!
thanks for your continuous love & support, darling- I am sorry for having been a bad blogger lately; I try to catch up with my reading! :)
have a fab week, xoxo said...

thanks for the comment! i like the last pic ;)

Tahereh said...

*big gasp* YOU LIVE IN CHICAGO??

i was just there!! like, YESTERDAY! omgggg

you should know: your city is like my NEW FAVE CITY EVARRR

it's gorgeeeee and i'm a little (ok a lot) in love with it.

so jealous.

but i still love you!!

great post bestie!!


Kristin said...

So, I've lived in Florida, Texas and DC. DC was by far my favorite. I guess I don't appreciate the warm climate as much! ah ha ha. Of course I'll always be a flops kinda girl. Totally rocked 'em in the snow in DC!