Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wonder

Hello Sassy Readers!!! I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and hope you have all been doing well. This past week was interesting to say the least and the weekends, well never a dull moment for this Chica.

Last week I started Wonder Wednesday, I spend much time wondering about so many things that I thought, I should share them with you and get your opinion or thoughts on my wonders.

This week I wonder if people remember to thank those who are with them thru the good and bad times? It is so easy to thank people for a great night out, a nice dinner, a beautiful gift, but do we thank those who love us even when we are not lovable?

I feel that:

Remember to thank all those who show love to you and to tell them you appreciate them, make it a point to call, text, email or even instant message someone you know cares. It's lovely to hear or read unexpected words of kindness. Reach out and love someone today!!


Sassy Chica


Join the Gossip said...

Great quote, and so true!

Thanks for visiting my blog =)

MiMi said...

So true! We all need to remember that!

Jewels Diva® said...

It would work if there was someone in your life who loved you, or who you loved.

But what happens when there's not?

KDC Events said...

I am visiting from Join the Gossip- Fabulous quote and so true =)

Siren said...

love the advice, so true

Unknown Mami said...

That is a great reminder. Thank you. Now, I have to go give someone a thank you kiss.

nitwit said...

soo true , touching post.... thnks 4 visiting and folowing...hpe you will find me worthy of reading in future

Betty said...

What a great quote!
Thanks for sharing with us.
I always love your posts.
They are so meaningful!
Wishing you a great day!
Big hugs!
Betty xx

Ally said...

Reminds of this: "Love me when I least deserve it because that's when I need it the most." =)

Ria said...

Thats such a wonderful msg hun!! Hope u hav a gr8 weekend. :)

Alicia said...

so true!! hope you had a great week love! HOORAY for friday!!!

Maggie said...

Sometimes we forget to thank the people that are with us through think and thin and it is soo important to do it and say how much we care!

Melissa aka Equidae said...

what a lovely post! thank you for reminding us this